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SS grade

  • Special Grade
  • High wear-resistant
Outstanding wear-resistant.

This material has specific improved performance compared to ordinary materials, and it has the ability to solve many problems today.
With its long lifespan, you can lower your material costs. Give this material a try.

Application Sand blast nozzles, EDM machine power supply die, etc.
Abrasive parts
Characteristic Exceedingly hard with superior wear-resistant.
Physical Properties
Our grades Hardness (HRA) Transverse rupture strength (GPa)
SS13 2450 / (-) 1.0
SS15 2100 / (-) 2.0
Reference:G2 1610 / 91.0 2.5
(1) Blast Nozzle Abrasion Comparison During Spray

(Nozzle diameter:φ7,1300kPa,1300kPa, Alumina:30μm,Spray time:8 hours)

(1) Blast Nozzle Abrasion Comparison During Spray image
(2) Comparison to Carbon Materials

(Cutting speed:85m/min,Amount:0.12㎜/rev,Cutting time:3min)

(2) Comparison to Carbon Materials image