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  • Special Grade
  • For stainless steel
Showcases our ability with stainless processing.
Great evaluations with presswork for devices, switch springs, HDD suspension, etc.

This material has specific improved performance compared to ordinary materials, and it has the ability to solve many problems today.
With its long lifespan, you can lower your material costs. Give this material a try.

Application Stainless processing

Superior resistance to oxidation, abrasion, chipping, and melting.
Metal mold lifespan is improved through composition design based on the features of stainless steel.

Features:Low thermal conductivity Easy work hardening

Affection:Oxidation from heat production Acceleration of wear and chipping

Action:Improve oxidation resistance Improve wear and chipping resistance

Method:Enhancement bonded phase Using micro-grain WC

Life extension of mold

Physical Properties
Our grades Hardness Transverse rupture strength
Fracture toughness value(*1)
KX01 92.5 1820 4.0 10.2
Reference:EF10 92.0 1750 4.0 10.4
Reference:KD10 91.0 1610 3.4 13.2
Reference:KD20 90.0 1480 3.7 15.5
Reference:G5 88.0 1250 3.2 25.9

*1:Measured according to IF process

Note: The values are representative and are not guaranteed

KX01 structure (x 1000) image

KX01 structure (x 1000)