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A sampling of the major equipment

  • Attritor image


  • Hydraulic press machine image

    Hydraulic press machine

  • Dry Cold Isostatic Press image

    Dry Cold Isostatic Press

  • Vacuum sintering furnace image

    Vacuum sintering furnace

  • NC drilling machine image

    NC drilling machine

  • NC lathe machine image

    NC lathe machine

  • Multiple spindle drilling machine image

    Multiple spindle drilling machine

  • Cutting machine image

    Cutting machine

  • Large cutting machine image

    Large cutting machine

  • Vacuum pressurization sintering furnace image

    Vacuum pressurization sintering furnace

  • HIP(Hot Isostatic Pressing) image

    HIP(Hot Isostatic Pressing)

Major inspection equipment of Cemented carbide division

  • Universal testing machine image

    Universal testing machine

  • Scanning electron microscope image

    Scanning electron microscope

  • Electronic balance image

    Electronic balance

  • Carbon Analyze equipment image

    Carbon Analyze equipment

  • Rockwell hardness tester image

    Rockwell hardness tester

  • Magnetic Inspection Equipment image

    Magnetic Inspection Equipment

  • Metallurgical microscope image

    Metallurgical microscope

  • 3D arm measuring machine image

    3D arm measuring machine

  • Non-contact measuring machine image

    Non-contact measuring machine