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EF grade

  • Micro-grain Cemented Carbide
  • For cutting tools
Superior high chipping resistance.
Application For lead frames, connectors, and other metal mold electronic components.
Characteristic Micro-grain Cemented Carbide with WC particle diameter smaller than 1 μm. Perfect for use where a sharp edge is required, as it is extremely hard and has a high transverse rupture strength.
Newly-developed EF01 has a hardness (HV) of 2000, realizing an extremely hard material with superior wear resistance.
Physical Properties
Our grades Density(x103 kg/m3)
Hardness(HRA) Hardness(HV) Transverse rupture strength(GPa)
EF01 14.5 94.0 2000 3.7
EF05 14.3 93.0 1900 3.7
EF10 14.0 92.0 1730 4.0
EF20 13.6 90.0 1440 4.0

*The values are representative and are not guaranteed

  • G3 structure (x 1000) image

    G3 structure (x 1000)

  • KD20 structure (x 1000) image

    KD20 structure (x 1000)

  • EF20 structure (x 1000) image

    EF20 structure (x 1000)