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  • Special Grade
  • Nonmagnetic cemented carbide
Nonmagnetic and corrosion resistance.

This material has specific improved performance compared to ordinary materials, and it has the ability to solve many problems today.
With its long lifespan, you can lower your material costs.

Application Magnetic field mold, tools for magnetic tape, electronic equipment,
parts for chemical instruments, mechanical tools, decorative parts, etc.
Characteristic Nonmagnetic with superior corrosion and heat resistance due to Ni replacing the bonded phase.
Physical Properties
Our grades Density(x103 kg/m3)
Hardness(HRA) Transverse rupture strength(GPa) Permeability(H/m)
KN20 14.2 90.0 3.2 < 1.28×10-6
Corrosion resistance(Compared to G Grade)
KN20 structure (x 1000) image

KN20 structure (x 1000)

Our grades Decrease in corrosiveness(g/m2・h)
10 % NaOH 10 % KOH 10 % HNO3
KN20 0 0.01 0.01
Reference:G2 0.02 0.03 7.99
Reference:G5 0.02 0.04 28.34