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  • Special Grade
  • For EDM
Control damage during EDM.

This material has specific improved performance compared to ordinary materials, and it has the ability to solve many problems today.
With its long lifespan, you can lower your material costs. Give this material a try.

Application For WEDM
  1. As a fine-grain cemented carbide, it offers superior corrosion and chipping resistance.
  2. Crack propagation can be prevented and chipping and electrical corrosion can be controlled by appropriately dispersing coarse particle WC within the fine particle WC. Less residual stress during sintering, which helps to prevent wire EDM breaks.
  3. Thinner altered layer from wire EDM due to low Co alloy.

■Diagram of A10W crack propagation

■Diagram of A10W crack propagation
Physical Properties
Our grades Hardness (HRA) Transverse rupture strength (GPa) Co(%)
A10W 91 3.7 9
Reference:KD10 91 3.4 10
Reference:KD20 90 3.7 13

Consider using A10W as a substitute material if you are already using KD10 For WEDM.