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  • Special Grade
  • For stamping pure iron and copper
Outstanding resistance to adhering and wear.

This material has specific improved performance compared to ordinary materials, and it has the ability to solve many problems today.
With its long lifespan, you can lower your material costs. Give this material a try.

Application Metal molds for soft metal processing
(amount of cutting edge abrasion after shot is 1/6 the amount of conventional G Grade materials)
Characteristic This newly developed material for soft metal (native iron, copper) processing controls the affinity with soft metals through the use of special WC, low Co, and strengthened Co phase. It offers superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.
Physical Properties
Features image
Our grades Hardness (HRA) Transverse rupture strength (GPa) Co(%)
MC20 90.5 2.8 6
Reference:G3 90.0 2.7 8

*The values are representative and are not guaranteed

Usual material problem

Affinity between Co in cemented carbide and soft metals

Displacement of Co in the cemented carbide

Damage of Mold

■Comparison of reaction to Copper ( Analysis of EPMA)
This shows a cross section of the test sample where a copper thread was inserted in the middle of the powder and HIP was carried out after sintering
・The graph shows the density of the copper

Comparison of Reaction with Copper image

The copper shows a white area in the middle of the MC20, showing that MC20 controls the diffusion of copper better than G grade materials.