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CIS (formerly Japan Cemented Carbide Tool Manufacturer's Association Standards) Class Symbols and Adjustments

Adjustment table of CIS material grades standard and our grades
Division Our grades CIS classification
New Old
For wear and impact resistant tools H1 VM-10 V10, K01
G1 VM-20 V10, K10
G2 VM-30 V20, K20
G3 VM-40 V30, K30
G4 VC-40 V30, K30
G5 VC-50 V40
TB6 VU-60 V40
TB7 VU-70 V50
G8 VU-80 V60
For high wear-resistant SS13 VF-10
SS15 VF-10
Nonmagnetic cemented carbide KN20 NF-40 V30
For cutting tools KW3 VM-30 K20
Fine-grain cemented carbide KD05 VF-20 V20
KD10 VF-30 V20
KD20 VF-40 V30
KD40 VF-50 V40
Micro-grain cemented carbide EF01 VF-10 Z01
EF05 VF-10 Z01
EF10 VF-20 Z10
EF20 VF-40 Z30
For stainless steel KX01 VF-20 Z10
For stamping pure iron and copper MC20 VC-40 V20
For EDM Crack resistance A10W VM-30 V20
Corrosion resistance WD20 VF-40 V30
ME40 VC-50 V30

CIS Class Symbols

Table1 Classification method of 1st digit
Mark Binder phase elements
V Co
R Co/Ni
N Ni
Table2 Classification method of 2nd digit
Mark WC average grain size
F Less than1.0
M Between 1.0 and 2.5
C Between 2.5 and 5.0
U More than 5.0
Table3 Classification method of 4th and 5th digit
Mark Nominal hardness HRA
10 93 or more
20 Between 92 and 93
30 Between 91 and 92
40 Between 89 and 91
50 Between 87 and 89
60 Between 85 and 87
70 Between 82 and 85
80 Less than 82

*Table 1-3 are quoted from CIS Standard 019D-2005